According to the Daily Mail Online, Kate Fleetwood who will play Liandrin was filming for the show in Hungary. So far, we’ve known that most of the filming has been taking place within the Czech Republic, with some scenes shot in Slovania.

The article focuses on Fleetwod playing Cruella de Ville in a new musical based on 101 Dalmatians. The pertinent part of the article (emphasis mine):

She (Fleetwood) explained that in the new show, Cruella is a modern-day socialite who is desperate to be seen.

‘No discernible talents, but she wants to be noticed,’ said Fleetwood, who was in Hungary filming the Amazon TV version of Robert Jordan’s fantasy novels The Wheel Of Time, in which she plays the huntress Liandrin Guirale.

That article alone was not the only trigger for this entry. A casting agency in Budapest has put out a casting call looking for “Asian men” for a “fantasy series” with filming taking place this coming week. This could potentially mean scenes with Liandrin in Fal Dara.

It is important to note that the Daily Mail may have referred to filming of the show in Hungary in error, instead of Czech Republic.

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