The #WotWednesday drip campaign continues, with Amazon’s WotOnPrime Twitter account releasing or confirming cast news every Wednesday for the past few weeks.This week, the announcement featured the customary black-and-white photos of cast members, but was not lacking in color in the least. We get two previously-known cast members but one of the roles was a total surprise.

A Cast of Tinkers

Super talented actress/singer Maria Doyle Kennedy (MDK), officially confirmed to be in the show a few months back will play Ila of the Tuatha’an, aka the Traveling People, also the Tinkers and/or the Lost Ones. But to us, always Tinkers.

Maria’s significant other in the show is actually a never-before released or leaked actor/role: Narinder Samra will play Raen, the leader of the first group of Tinkers we meet in the books. Last but not least for this week’s Twitter announcement is Daryl McCormack who plays Ila and Raen’s grandson, Aram. Unlike the surprise role of MDK, Daryl playing Aram was very widely speculated, especially when Daryl repeatedly trolled Twitterers, as is proper.


More Casting Announcements

The show also announced additional roles the past two weeks, confirming previously leaked actors involved in the show:


The role of “Dana” is either a new character, a composite, or a name change of an existing character. Fans have speculated that Dana is “Dena”, Thom’s apprentice, brought in to appear sooner in the show. Another theory is that she is “Mili Skane”, the Dark Friend who was sent to kill both Rand and Mat early on. We thought she’s a Tinker, but her exclusion from today’s announcement makes that a bit more unlikely. For now, Dana is just Dana, like Steve is just Steve.

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