The recent discovery of Liandrin auditions inspired us to do some more digging, which turned up an apparent audition tape for Egwene al’Vere. Egwene will be played by Madeleine Madden in the television series. Once again, we’d like to remind our readers that these scenes are not guaranteed to be in the show, and identifying WoT terms have been replaced with code words. To avoid the video being removed, we won’t link it here, but we’ve transcribed it in detail below.

As always, possible book and show spoilers abound, so read at your own risk.

Scene 1:

R: You’ve been avoiding me.
E: Or…biding my time until I could get you alone.
R: I’d say avoiding.
E: (laughs and shrugs)
R: How’d it go today?
E: You know I can’t talk about—
R: It’s me. You can at least say it was good or bad, can’t you?
E: It was….good. (looks uncomfortable) Sorry. It’s just, I was thinking about—
R: Sometimes you think too much.
E: (laughs and smiles) I’ve missed you.
R: You know, my dad said I used to pick baskets of berries to bring to you when I was a kid. Like some lovesick puppy.
E: Sounds sweet to me. Very sweet.

Notes: Although it’s not confirmed in the dialogue, we can safely guess that Egwene is talking to Rand. The context of the scene is unclear. It could be linked to the second scene, so keep reading!

Scene 2:

R: You let me fall asleep.
E: You act like I had some say in the matter!
R: What happened out there?
E: It wasn’t today. It was before—Nadie, she asked me to be her apprentice.
R: What? No! You?
E: She asked. I didn’t say yes or no. She thinks that I’ll be able to read the signs, if I work with her.
R: Really? It’s a lonely life, that. No husband. No kids. Certainly hasn’t made Nadie happier.
E: Nothing will make Nadie happy.
R: I should get up to bed.
E: (calling after him) Ridhaan!

Notes: This exact scene popped up previously in a Rand audition script. Perhaps this is what Egwene couldn’t talk about in Scene 1: Nynaeve asked her to be an apprentice. Sounds like secret Women’s Circle business…

Scene 3:

M: Come. Sit.
E: So you can kill us like you did that ferryman?
M: What do you know of the pacts?
E: They were the queen’s promises to end Andenloch’s siege.
M: And what are they?
E: To not lie, to not kill—
M: Exact verbiage. Words are important. How we use them is important.
E: (looks abashed) I don’t know.
M: One: to speak no word that is not true. Two: to make no weapon with which one person may kill another. Three: Never to use our power as a weapon, except in the last extreme defense of our life or the life of our partner. I did not kill that ferryman because I could not. He wasted his own life on a foolish cause.
E: He was just trying to save his family!
M: If I’d allowed him to take his ferry to the other side of the river, what would have happened?
E: It/They [unclear] would have killed him.
M: And then?
E: And followed us.
M: Exactly. The power inside you is the smallest part of your strength. It is your mind, and how you use it, that will mean much more in the battles to come.
E: The power? You think it’s inside me?

Notes: This scene occurs somewhere on the road after Taren Ferry. They discuss the ferryman, Master Hightower, who we’ve previously learned will meet his tragic end in the show. Moiraine gives a classically Aes Sedai response to Egwene’s accusation, with a lesson on the Three Oaths (although, curiously, the third doesn’t mention Shadowspawn or defense of another Aes Sedai).

There’s a lot of interesting content in these short scenes, particularly the third one. Whether or they appear in the show is anyone’s guess. As always, we’ll have to wait for the series to air before any of these questions are answered. We look forward to seeing everyone’s speculation!

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