After a week off, the Week Weaves returns with more news than a peddler come for Bel Tine. Ready?

The big news: we uncovered some of the best behind-the-scenes photos seen to date, which have since been removed by the photographer who took them. Then Amazon dropped a big one on us in the form of a 16-second Light-blessed sound clip teaser. We were about to set our sleuths to identifying the actors, but Maddie Madden told us it was Egwene and Perrin. Then Rafe chimed in with a “guess the thing and I’ll fly you to Prague for dinner” Insta post.

Filming: has confirmation of filming taking place the week of October 19th which wrapped up this past Tuesday. A new COVID lockdown went into effect on October 19th in the Czech Republic, but filming continued according to production company. Leaked photos from the Daily Trolloc (Narg) show on-set mounted borderlanders in armor, though we don’t know when the photos were taken. Oh, and the wolves did reshoots in October.

Casting: No new casting announcements, official or otherwise. The photo from Narg referenced above makes it more likely that Thomas Chaanhing will play Agelmar Jagad. The banner fits, and it looks like him.

Cast and Crew News: Director Ciaran Donnelly is heading home; are we done filming? Daniel Henney hits the warder gym. Rosamund Pike shines a light. Sandra Yi Sencindiver does an interview. The costume team dressed up for Halloween. Dragonmount will be talking with Harriet McDougal on November 7th.


Content Creators

The crew goes on Talk’aran’hiod to talk set photos and news.  Then we jump over to The Dusty Wheel to talk teaser and set photos. Unravelling the Pattern unravels the audio teaser. WotUp covers the Josefov set photos. So does Nae’blis. Reading the Pattern talks episodes 3 & 4. Recappa gets all spooky for some reason. The penultimate issue of the Weeekly Wheel News hits the stands. Lezbi Nerdy offers some unpopular opinions about the Aiel. The Gleeman breezes through “the Slog“.


Josephov Set Photo – Credit: Tomáš Vojtíšek Photography (with permission)


The week weaves as the Wheel wills. See you next week, if it pleases the Light.

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