While fans eagerly await news about a release date for Amazon’s second season of The Wheel of Time, production activities for season 3 are underway. In the biggest sign yet that filming of season three will soon begin, the Two Rivers village set is currently being rebuilt. According to reports and photos from multiple sources, buildings almost identical to those from the original set are currently under construction. The set sits in the same exact spot, in a village located in the Central Bohemian Region of Czechia.

The original set was destroyed during filming as part of the Trolloc attack on the Two Rivers. The same lot was later used for the “root maze” of the Blight appearing in the season finale. Originally the blight was reportedly to be filmed in Tenerife but production had to alter its plans due to COVID restrictions.

Season 3 Speculation

This information sheds light on the story we can expect to witness in season 3 and beyond. We have reported previously on Lolita Chakrabarti (Marin al’Vere) revealing that her role is likely to become a “larger one if and when it reaches season 3”. That, along with a second season ending in Falme could mean a return to the Two Rivers for another battle, this time against not only Shadowspawn, but the White Cloaks as well. We can also expect to see more of season 1 characters like Tam al’Thor and the Cauthons, as well as the debut of book characters such as Lord Luc.

Set Photos

A photo of a tv series set for the village of the two rivers being constructed.
A photo of a tv series set for the village of the two rivers being constructed.

Editorial note: The photos and videos of the set construction were taken from public places per our sources, who chose to remain anonymous. 

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