We are in week 2 of season 2 and four episodes down. Here’s the update:

  • Check out Sara and Eri’s full-spoiler review of season 2, episode 4, but only after you’ve watched the episode!
  • All of the new season 2 cast additions and confirmations are summarized here by Eri.
  • We have new music from Lorne Balfe and team. Check out The Wheel of Time Season 2 Volume 1 on all platforms.Cover for The Wheel of Time Season 2 Volume 1 Soundtrack - Moiraine and Lan on the cover
  • You can also check out our Book to Screen Comparisons post for episodes 1-3.
  • On the rating front:
    • The show is doing great on Rotten Tomatoes, with an 88% critics score and 85% audience score. This is based on 26 critics’ reviews and 1000+ user ratings. If the critics’ score stands for another few days, the show will be “Certified Fresh” by RT.
    • IMDB user reviews are coming in for episode 4:By episode rating from IMDB. Ep 101: 7.3 / Ep 102: 7.7 / Ep 103: 7.6 / Ep 104: 8.5 / Ep 105: 7.3 / Ep 106: 7.5 / Ep 107: 7.8 / Ep 108: 6.4 / Ep 201: 7.2 / Ep 202: 7.7 / Ep 203: 8.4 / Ep 204: 8.2
    • On Prime Video, The Wheel of Time still holds the number 1 spot in 93 out of 115 countries tracked by FlixPatrol.
    • Nielsen weekly streaming charts should start including WoT numbers in about two weeks, giving us the total number of viewership minutes for the first three episodes. Season 1 episodes will be included in that number and won’t be separated out.
  • Users worldwide reported delays with the release time of episode 4 on Amazon Prime Video. In some instances, the episode was available on time at 12 midnight GMT, while in other countries (like the US), the episode did not release until 45 minutes after the scheduled time. We will monitor whether this trend will continue in subsequent weeks.
  • For additional coverage of Season 2 by WoT-focused content creators, WotSeries has created a special resource to list videos, podcasts, and articles.
  • Beans again




Editorial Note

Season two was released on September 1, 2023, with three episodes, and the fourth episode was released on September 8. Weekly releases are expected until the season finale on October 6. The season will contain eight episodes written by Rafe JudkinsAmanda Kate ShumanJustine Juel Gillmer, Dave HillKatherine B McKennaRammy ParkJohn McCutcheonRohit Kumar, and Timothy Earle. WoTSeries.com is a news site by fans for fans and is not affiliated with any paid sponsors or brands. We stand in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA and the WGA and encourage donations to the Entertainment Community Fund to support those affected during the work stoppage.

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