By the Dark One’s own luck, WotSeries recently had the absolute pleasure to interview a Forsaken, a Warder, an Aes Sedai, a Daughter-heir of Andor, a Wolfbrother, and a Hornsounder. As is the case with most things we do here, this was an exercise in our team simply being fans who were just given the opportunity to have a few precious minutes with some of their favorite characters come to life. We went into these interviews as fans, looking to satisfy our own curiosities, hoping for answers to simple questions and nuanced ones alike. As we’ve done for the past few years, we set out to learn new things that got us excited about The Wheel of Time, books and show, then came back here to share with our friends and community. And we did try to keep our focus on season 2.

Speaking of season 2, it was released during two labor union strikes: the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG-AFTRA). Both unions have since reached agreements with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), but at the time of release, writers and actors alike could not promote the show. So, this interview availability with the cast of The Wheel of Time, the first since the strikes, should help bring more eyes to a television show that’s hit its stride and lived up to its potential. Everything from writing to pacing to costumes and CGI saw a substantial improvement in season two. This was reflected in ratings and reviews by critics and viewers alike (see Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB).

In the spirit of our Brown Ajah leanings, we decided to bring you these interviews transcribed in full. We hope that you read them and join us in our shared spaces across social media to talk about all the new and cool tidbits. There should also be plenty of other interviews with the cast available online today from various outlets. We will be reading those as well and reporting on what we find new and interesting.

Before we get to the interviews, please allow me to share a couple of takeaways. First, this was a fantastic experience for our team, and we hope that we can have additional opportunities in the future to shed more light on the TV show and its development, consistent with our mission here at WotSeries. Second, and more importantly, our beloved characters are in good and capable hands. This wasn’t in doubt since we’ve been following all of these actors from the start, but it was great to experience it firsthand. One would expect actors to put a lot of thought into the roles they play. The fact that it might be common or expected makes it no less impressive that these actors put in so much thought not just into delivering believable characters for a television show but also into understanding and portraying Robert Jordan’s characters that we’ve all grown to love.

Fares Fares didn’t just bring Ishamael to life. He gave his philosophy a compelling voice. Marcus Rutherford, likely unknowingly, fondly sang the praises of the wolfdog actor Ka Lupinka, as you’d expect Perrin to speak of Hopper. Kate Fleetwood quite literally upgraded Liandrin to the Red who sees herself as a revolutionary. Ceara Coveney, as Rafe once said, is Elayne, trusting her instincts to deliver such an authentically refreshing version of the character. Donal Finn showed us how, in many ways, he’s just like Mat and how that likeness, along with some mad acting chops, is the perfect recipe for a perfect Mat. And last but not least, Daniel Henney leaves no room for doubt that his thoughtful approach and hard work deliver the fierce loyalty Moiraine and the Light need to stand against the Shadow.

We have really enjoyed speaking with these six wonderful actors. We hope you enjoy what they shared with us.

All eight episodes of season 2 are available now on Prime Video. Go binge!

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