According to the showrunner Rafe Judkins, the upcoming season 3 of the show is the best one yet. As more details about the new season are being revealed, it’s becoming evident that the season will be as exciting as the book it is mainly based on, fan-favorite “The Shadow Rising.”

From various tidbits, official and otherwise, we know we will be shown the history of the Aiel and the Age of Legends. Our most recent article about filming on season 3 wrapping mentioned that Alexander Karim was in South Africa while The Wheel of Time was filming. Now we have news that actor Ania Marson will play the role of “Latra” in season 3, according to her CV and agency website. That is most definitely “Latra Posae Decume,” Age of Legends Aes Sedai, who appeared in the cold open for episode 108 with Lews Therin.

We do not believe Marson will replace Katie Brayben, who played Latra in season 1. The casting is most likely for Latra years or decades later. This is supported by a recent change to Katie Brayben’s resume, which shows an updated Wheel of Time entry with the date now listed as 2024, which suggests that she too should appear in season 3:

An image showing two captures from Katie Brayben's CV. The top one captured in 2021 shows The Wheel of Time from 2021 playing the role of Latra Decume, directed by Ciaran Donnelly. The bottom one shows the wheel of time 2024, playing the role of Latra Posae Decume (recurring), with various directors.

Captures of Katie Brayben CV from 2021 and 2024

Ania Marson

Ania Marson is a British actress with a career spanning stage and screen. She has over 60 credits to her name and most recently played Voleth Meir in the popular Netflix series The Witcher.

Latra Posae Decume

In The Wheel of Time books, Latra was an Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends during the War of Power. She opposed Lews Therin’s strike against the Dark One, seeing it as too dangerous. She helped convince other female Aes Sedai of strength to not assist Lews Therin and his male companions in their quest. In the TV series version, Latra appeared in a single episode: the cold open for the season one finale. The scene was delivered in the Old Tongue, and showed Latra and Lews arguing about his plan, a discussion that ended in disagreement.

We could see Latra interact with other Aes Sedai or Da’shain Aiel during the Breaking. Another possibility is for Latra to survive long enough to show up later in the Aiel timeline. Either way, the prospect of the Age of Legends and the history of the Aiel coming to the screen is very exciting.

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