Wotseries has uncovered documents confirming that filming took place at the Castle/Chateau in the municipality of Ploskovice. We have previously reported on The Wheel of Time series filming taking place in Ploskovice in Czechia, but without confirmation on exact location.

The documents, published by the National Monuments Institute,  contained a lease agreement between the Institute and the WoT show production. Although heavily redacted to remove details about the filming and the exact schedule of the shoot, the documents did reveal the following:

  • The production was granted temporary use of “the entrance hall of the main building of the chateau and the chateau park complex”.
  • Filming possibly took place in the “entrance hall” and the “salon of the empress” (pictured below).
  • Use of portions of the castle were granted for a rent amount of 100000 Kč, or approximately $4,150 USD.
  • The production was allowed to make changes to the rented space, “if agreed upon”.


Source: National Monuments Institute || www.npu.cz

Though no exact date has been confirmed, the filming took place in the middle of November per news articles and social media account references.

The documents made no mention of any Trakands or Damodreds.

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