A very busy week in the Wotiverse (no? Alright, won’t use that again). Here is your update:

Filming: Filming continues even as Czechia imposes new restrictions due to Covid. Wotseries has learned that there will be filming this coming week.

Casting: Wotseries broke a story about three new unconfirmed cast members. The Extras agency is still searching for babies.

Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Thomas Chaanhing, Amer Chadha-Patel

New cast members who’ve recently wrapped up filming: Sandra Yi Sencindiver, Thomas Chaanhing and Amer Chadha-Patel

The Week in Narg: Narg puts out photos of (what we assume to be) Shienaran soldiers and followed it up with a photo of a mystery set. Most importantly, for a very pleasant surprise having to do with a special person’s braid, visit Narg’s Instagram account.

Cast and crew news: Kristin Kopp (Jason Bourne, Ford vs. Ferrari) is attached to the show as Assistant Costume Designer. Daniel Llussà (The Rise of Skywalker, Aladdin) is attached to the show as Effects Technical Director. This production continues to impress!

Content Creators

GeekyEri’s Block 4 video is out. The Dusty Wheel hosted Isaac Stewart, who’s Brandon Sanderson’s Art Director, in a talent overload of an episode. WotUp covered the new casting announcement. Malkier Talks Podcast hosted GeekyEri for show discussion and predictions. Nae’blis and Unraverlling the pattern partnered on an animated breakdown of the Battle of the Two Rivers. The Weekly Wheel News is here. The Innkeeper posts a great cast round up on TheGreatBlight.com, wotseries.com ugly version of all WotOnPrime cast members is here. Lezbinerdy talks Tuon (MSLF, or not). Reading the Pattern curveballs us with a storming Stormlight video.


Happy Birthday Robert Jordan

From the official Wheel of Time on Prime account

From the Juliet Howland who plays Natti Cauthon on the show

From Dragonmount

From The Dusty Wheel



The week weaves as the Wheel wills. See you next week, if it pleases the Light.

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