Recently Z Molu Es, the kennel providing wolves for The Wheel of Time television show, posted that they were filming in October. They filmed in the Dobříš region near Královská stolice (“Royal Stool”), a wooden gazebo-like structure in the forest. The structure is present in several photos, but it’s unclear whether it was used in filming. A few of the wolves from earlier shoots were present, along with some new wolves. In the photos, you can see the wolves practicing for the filming. In the background of one photo there appears to be a Whitecloak tent.  According to an unnamed source, this was a reshoot for additional shots requested by the production. This appears to be the first time the wolves have been used since filming resumed after the Covid shutdown. It is unclear at this time which, if any, cast members were present for filming.


Meet the new wolves

According to the post, Korry played the “evil wolf” and Harriett “ran through the forest for three hours” with Budulínek and Ka Lupinka.

EDIT: Z Molu Es requested that we remove the photos of the wolves from our story.

Where to follow the wolves

Two of the wolves actually have their own Facebook pages that fans can follow. There were posts referencing the filming on both Facebook pages, both have been removed after we published this story.



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