Familiar Faces return to the Director’s Chair

Earlier this year, we revealed that season 1 director Ciaran Donnelly was returning to The Wheel of Time as lead director and executive producer for season 3 of the show. We now have new information on two additional directors who will be joining Donnelly for season 3. According to a resume of a crew member, Thomas Napper and Marta Cunningham will be directing episodes for season 3 of The Wheel of Time. Napper is a familiar name to Wheel of Time fans, since he directed episodes of season 2 of the show. Although Cunningham is new to the The Wheel of Time, she brings a lot of television experience to the table. She has directed for shows like The Good Fight, Transparent, Star Trek: Discovery, Fear the Walking Dead, Dear White People, and Grace and Frankie.

As far as we currently know, these three will be the only directors for season 3. It seems the show is following a similar approach to season 2 in having a three director rotation with one director serving as the lead for the season and taking on 2 blocks like Sanaa Hamri did for season 2. Ciaran Donnelly is the lead director according to his CV and appears to be the director for block one. Thomas Napper will be directing block 2 per his resume. This leaves blocks 3 and 4 for Cunningham and Donnelly to take. It will be interesting to see if Donnelly will have another shot at directing the finale, but hopefully with fewer challenges this time compared to season 1.

Director of Photography found

We have also uncovered the first known Director of Photography for season 3 of The Wheel of Time. According to his resume and IMDB, Christopher Norr will be the DOP for the first block of filming. He has worked on shows such as Succession, The Changeling, Hello Tomorrow, The Right Stuff, and Gotham. He received award nominations from The American Society of Cinematographers for his work on Gotham three years in a row.

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