Here’s a recap of Day 1 of JordanCon 2022.

  • For the first time in its 14-year history, JordanCon has sold out. There are more than 1200 con-goers this year, compared to the limited capacity attendance of 500 last year due to COVID.
  • You can watch the JordanCon 2022 Opening Ceremonies here
  • “Ask The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Anything” was a highly anticipated session where cast and crew answered questions submitted by fans through JordanCon. Watch the full Q&A here, with responses from Rafe Judkins, Kate Fleetwood, Marcus Rutherford, Isis Mussenden, Daniel Henney, and Hammed Animashaun.
  • A big announcement was made in the Amazon Q&A video above. Rafe announced that Ayoola Smart will play the role of Aviendha, which wotseries speculated on a few weeks ago. Read our write-up on Ayoola here.


Head Shot of Actor Ayoola Smart

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