Actor Thandi Sebe joins the cast of The Wheel of Time for its third season. According to the actor’s resume, she will play the role of Solinda, an Aes Sedai from the time of the Breaking of the World.

Thandi Sebe

Thandi is a German/South African actor and writer based in Berlin and Cape Town. She has recently appeared in German productions such as Kleo and King of Stonks (both for Netflix). Thandi is also a part of the POV Writing Collective, having recently participated in the Netflix Writing Academy: PoC Writers Incubator, a program to promote German-speaking PoC authors.



According to The Wheel of Time Companion, Solinda was “an Aes Sedai during the Breaking who helped make the Eye of the World.” It was Solinda who set Jonai on his way with the remaining Da’shain Aiel to carry the objects of the Power to safety. She told the story of the 10,000 Aiel who linked arms, surrounding a mad male Aes Sedai who killed them one by one as they closed their ranks and sang, buying the citizens valuable time to flee. She had implored Jonai to “keep the Covenant” and ensure that the Da’shain “keep the Way of the Leaf.”


What to Expect

Katie Brayben is expected to reprise her role as Latra Posae Decume, setting the stage for a possible Age of Legends scene that could mirror Solinda’s story from the books. This scene would be a flashback to the Age of Legends, viewed through the eyes of Rand’s ancestors during his History of the Aiel journey. Moreover, one of the eight episodes from season 3 is likely to be titled “The Road to the Spear,” which is anticipated to be the fourth episode. Showrunner Rafe Judkins is credited with writing episode 4, with Thomas Napper directing episodes 3 and 4. Thandi’s CV credits Napper as director for her appearance in a single episode.


This is all too exciting as it seems the show will not shy away from a deeper look at the Age of Legends that will feature characters such as Lew Therin, Latra, Ishamael, Solinda, a number of Da’shain Aiel, and possibly more forsaken.







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