Here is your weekly Wheel of Time round-up:

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WoTseries writer and sleuth extraordinaire @GeekyEri (please subscribe!) partakes in The Wheel of Time Book Tag started by riddhima. Reading the Pattering serves the first installment in a series of YouTube videos covering predictions on what we will and won’t see in each episode of the TV show. Spoliercon was October 2nd through 4th. WotUp covers the Egwene scripts and other news. The Weekly Wheel News new weekly issue of the week is out. Recappa Sedai does chapters (maybe) 21 and 22 of TEotW. The Dusty Wheel and Daniel Green talk changes to the show.


Inktober is happening now; here’s the WoT Inktober prompt list from @aubreyc.sanders:

The week weaves as the Wheel wills. See you next week, if it pleases the Light.


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