We’ve been back at filming for 5 weeks since production resumed. Here is your weekly Wheel of Time round-up:


Where to Watch Wheel of Time on Prime Cast Members (October 2020)

Content Creators

Unravelling the Pattern has a big secret project coming soon. Reading the Pattern does a cast profile on Logain/Alvaro. The Dusty Wheel adapts The Dragon Reborn. LezbyNerdi has some WoT memes for you. The Wheel of Time Book Tag goes to Malkier Talks. Speaking of Tags, Ridhdama who started the WoT Book Tag, does a Small Booktuber Tag. Nae’blis covered a whole bunch of WoT show news. And the Weekly Wheel News gives us weekly Wheel news. If me missed you, please let us know (tips[at]wotseries.com)

The week weaves as the Wheel wills. See you next week, if it pleases the Light.

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