Since season 3 began filming, we here at WotSeries have uncovered a number of auditions that have given us hints about the Two Rivers storyline, the Aiel Waste storyline, a new Forsaken, and even how our favorite Red Sister might make her appearance. We have two new uncovered audition scripts that now offer some hints to what the Black Ajah will be up to in the Tower and possibly Tanchico.

Read on with caution! While the scenes are short, they contain potentially large spoilers for season 3, especially for those who have not read the books.

A Note Regarding Codenames

For all prior auditions for The Wheel of Time, codenames have been use in place of both the characters and other names. Additionally, words and phrases that are particular to The Wheel of Time world (eg: “channeling”) are replaced with other terms. In the past, the character’s codenames have all started with the same letter as the actual character. Though this may not always be the case, we have used that pattern to guess which characters the following auditions were for. We have also done our best to replace other codewords and phrases with what we guess is the appropriate book/television series term.

Audition 1

The first audition is for an Aes Sedai whose name starts with “J.” Two of Liandrin’s thirteen Aes Sedai from the books have names that start with J: Joiya and Jeaine. Since Joiya (Joelle) already appeared in season 2, we’re assuming that this audition is for Jeaine.
Though Jeaine had no warder in the books, we’re guessing the person Jeaine is speaking to is her warder due to them being able to feel each other’s emotions.
Warder: Jeaine! Are you hurt? I felt you…
Jeaine: I told you there were Darkfriends at the Tower.
Warder: But surely not all these men are… They’re not…
Jeaine: You misunderstand, my love. I’m the one sworn to the dark. No. No, darling. Fighting won’t help you now. Nothing will. A lifetime of training with your shiny swords, and what’s it come to? Incapacitated by a mere fraction of a droplet of my power. The very idea that we require protection from you is insulting.
Warder: I loved you.
Jeaine: I know (kills him). Oh, yes! I can feel it! Thank you, my love, for this final gift.

Audition 2

This next audition is for an Aes Sedai whose name starts with “A.” Of Liandrin’s Aes Sedai in the books, two have names that start with A: Amico and Asne. We have guessed that this audition is for Amico, as she is one of the Aes Sedai questioned by Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne in the books. It’s unknown exactly who Amico is speaking to, but Nynaeve or Elayne are possibilities based off of The Shadow Rising and what we know of season 3 so far.

Amico: Please no more! I told you all I know of Liandrin’s plan. She never trusted me with all the details. She always thought I was too weak.
Unknown: Lucky for us she was right. (snaps)
Amico: Please stop. I’ll answer all of your questions.
Unknown: Who runs the Black Ajah?
Amico: We work in thirds and we only know two others. This way we can’t betray our greater number.
Unknown: Who is your third?
Amico: Our third remains in the Tower.
Unknown: Give me her name.
Amico: I want to see my family before I die. Bring them to me and I swear I’ll give you her name. I’ve been defeated. You’ve taken everything from me. I have no loyalty to the dark. Not anymore. Bring me my family. Please.

Potential Season 3 Implications

While it is possible that these scenes were created solely for audition purposes and will not end up in the final show, it’s still fun to guess what they might mean for the next season. The first scene with the character we’re guessing is Jeaine offers us clues as to how Liandrin’s group of Black Ajah may be revealing themselves onscreen, possibly during the opening scenes, judging from previous comments from showrunner Rafe Judkins where he stated that we will learn “right up top” of season 3 what Liandrin has been up to.

In the books, Amico tells Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne to go to Tanchico. We have already had confirmation from Judkins that Tanchico is one of the locations we will see in season 3, so this plot point may possibly carry over to the television show as well, with Amico telling whomever is questioning her to go to the city.

Additionally, the scene with Amico raises another question: will the effects of stilling an Aes Sedai remain in the show? In the books, when an Aes Sedai is stilled, she ends up looking far younger than she actually is. This factors into some minor plot points in the books, and Amico was the first character in the books we see experience this side-effect. While the show has done away with the distinct “ageless” face of the Aes Sedai for practical reasons, the longevity of channelers was still retained and revealed in season 2. In season 1, we saw a non-Aes Sedai channeler be gentled and keep the same face (Logain). Season 2 raised the possibility of an Aes Sedai (Moiraine) possibly being stilled, but it was eventually revealed that she was merely shielded, which could explain why her features did not change. Assuming, of course, that Amico ends up stilled like in the books, will season 3 show us that an Aes Sedai ends up with a younger face when she is stilled?

With season 3 being approximately 2 and a half months into post-production and 2025 a long 6 months away, we will have quite a long time to speculate on what we will see in the next season. In the meantime, we hope to hear some official news from production about either season 3 or season 4 soon!

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