Wotseries.com is excited to announce that four new investigative writers are joining our team. Over the past year, these self-titled Hunters of the Horn have been instrumental in bringing the fandom plenty of breaking news about the show.

Our mission is to be the True Source of news about Amazon’s upcoming television adaptation of The Wheel of Time. Whether it’s filming timelines, location information, crew or casting news, we will continue bringing you all the news that is fit to print.


Four Ride Forth

Without further ado, give a warm Tinker welcome to our team. In their own words:

Sara (@celticmyst08): Hiker, cook, reader, pianist. Longtime Wheel of Time fan, a wannabe-Green-Ajah but, let’s be real, I’m probably a Brown. Friends and family lovingly refer to me as the “world’s biggest snoop,” so the crossover between this investigative pastime and my favorite book series has been too good to pass up.

Lane (@Lane__Casper): I love fantasy novels and reading in general, Star Wars, DC and Marvel Comics, cooking on my smoker, and most sports. The Wheel of Time is my favorite book series. 

Eri (@GeekyEri): I love reading fantasy books, but Wheel of Time and Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere books are my favorites. I’m a bit of a Disney nerd who loves musicals and singing. I also enjoy playing RPGs when I have the time.

Omar (@omaracarn): Love The Wheel of Time, making memes, and searching on Google. The transition from there to WoT investigative work is obvious, the Wheel demanded it.

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