Amazon has released its official trailer for Season 1 of The Wheel of Time, which premiers less than three weeks from now on November 19, 2021.

Our Thoughts

There are a plethora of amazing podcasters and Youtubers who will thoroughly break down all the easter eggs in the trailer, so we’ll leave that to them. Instead, here are a few of the things we at Wotseries noticed that tie in to previous rumors or news that we have reported.

  • Caution: minor book spoilers for The Eye of the World and New Spring. Many fans have speculated the trailer opens with a flashback scene of young Moiraine swearing the Three Oaths. However, we suspect there is some creative editing going on here with a combination of multiple scenes:
    • Scene A: Young Moiraine. In an episode 1 scene, premiered at MCM Comic Con in London, Moiraine mentioned a woman at the White Tower who was born with “foresight,” so it seems likely we may see Gitara Moroso’s Foretelling at some point in the first season. (Check out Richard at WoT Theory’s breakdown of the clips.)
    • Scene B: Siuan’s voiceover, “Swear your oath, Moiraine Sedai,” and the shot of Moiraine holding the oath rod. Note Siuan’s mention of oath, not oaths. Showrunner Rafe Judkins has previously stated that there would be creative usage of the Oath Rod in the show. Perhaps there are additional oaths that Aes Sedai must swear when summoned to the Hall of the Tower?
    • Scene C: Moiraine’s voiceover reciting the Three Oaths. If this is not dialogue recorded specifically for the trailer, it could also be pulled from the scene where Moiraine tells Egwene about the Three Oaths (as discovered in audition tapes for the role of Egwene).
  • Shots of Egwene in a pool of water and Nynaeve in a cave align with previous shots of the Egwene initiation ceremony that we learned about last year.
  • A wide shot of Fal Dara incorporates the bridge and gate filmed at the Terezín fortress in October, 2020.
  • Is this an eyepatch? We previously speculated that Guy Roberts would play Uno Nomesta and although we can’t see his face, the hair color matches…
    the back of a man's head with what appears to be an eyepatch strap
  • There is a brief scene between Rand and Egwene where he tells her “I can’t lose you,” and she replies, “You won’t.” Based on the background this appears to have been filmed at Josefov, where a local photographer captured several images of filming a scene with Rand and Egwene.
  • A brief shot of Shienaran crossbowmen shows Thomas Chaanhing in the foreground, who we believe is playing Lord Agelmar.
  • The Czech Film Commission previously reported on filming at a basalt quarry in May, 2021, which involved filling the quarry with fake snow. This is likely where the Blood Snow scene with the Aiel was filmed.
  • The music in the trailer is an orchestral variant of the Whitecloak theme debuted by Lorne Balfe during his interview on The Dusty Wheel’s trailer release livestream. (Dusty Wheel also interviewed Madeleine Madden, Zoe Robins, Daniel Henney, and Rosamund Pike. Stay tuned for our breakdown article!)

What did you think of the official trailer? Let us know!

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