Though a significant portion of season 3 of The Wheel of Time has been filmed, there haven’t been any official casting announcements for the next season of the adaptation. While we wait for official word, we have some speculation about two actors who may have been working on the third season while in Czechia (also known as the Czech Republic): Iman Marson and Ian Atwiine.

Iman Marson is best known for playing the role of Lucas Walker in the hit show Wednesday. He studied at the Identity School for Acting and was awarded best male actor in his year. He can be seen next in the mystery series Black Cake.

Ian Atwiine has been acting from a young age and has ten years of commercial, stage, short film, and television experience. He has lead roles in two upcoming short films, Wildboy: Origins and Metanoia.

Both actors recently posted to social media with photos taken in the Czech Republic, with Atwiine tagged in Marson’s post and vice versa. Included in Marson’s post was a brief video of himself practicing shooting with a long bow. Marson appears to have previously posted pictures of himself in the Czech Republic in June and July of this year, and his CV has stated that he is “currently filming for Amazon’s Untitled Project” for the past few months, at least. Atwiine’s CV was updated at the end of October and states that he “just finished wrapping on a big Amazon Project.” Both of the “Untitled Amazon Project(s)” were noted to be a television project, but no directors or roles were specified.

Notably, both actors posted pictures of themselves together at an airport on October 29th, the day after a wrap party was held for cast and crew of The Wheel of Time.

With the production of many filming projects interrupted by the WGA strike from May 2 through September 27 and the SAG-AFTRA strike from July 14, the number of projects the actors could have been working on in the Czech Republic is limited. While the signs point to their “Untitled Amazon Project” being The Wheel of Time, keep in mind that this is speculation on our part based off of public information and should not be considered official confirmation.

Jared Doreck as Jaichim Carridin

In case you missed it, our friend Jon over at WoT Up! released the news that actor Jared Doreck has been cast as Jaichim Carridin for season 3. Check out his video about the news for more information.

Other New Season 3 Cast

Other known cast joining The Wheel of Time for season 3 are: Shohreh AghdashlooAnthony KayeCallum KerrLuke FetherstonOlumide OlorunfemiDiêm CamilleRob McLoughlinRina Mahoney, Nuno LopesTereza Dušková, Raksha Hoost, and Rebecca Root. Currently, none of these castings have been announced officially by the production and should be considered unconfirmed until then.

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